Thursday, 14 July 2011

Are my dogs bright?

Typical, for many weeks my dogs have been eating mangetout with their dinners as I have been growing in my allotment and also have plants at home. I have been careful not to use the plants at home for the dogs just in case they made a connection.
Yesterday, I made the error as I was short of greens, so picked (whilst being watched!) mangetout from my garden at home.
This morning, two dogs were helping themselves to a crunchy breakfast.
Today I will pick the rest as the plants are doomed, yes I can say ''no'' but when I turn my back, they will find it hard to resist. Life is fun with dogs, especially with poodles and barbets, these breeds plan ahead, and think, always one step ahead.
The culprits in the photo are Bepop and Bobby, Jazz and Betsy were still asleep!