Monday, 27 March 2017

Barbet Litter plans

The good news is that I am planning another litter Spring 2017;2:865846&g=4&p=bar&o=ajgrep

Reeds Fowling Alexia aka Martha with  GrChX Flacon D’Paris of Neigenuveaux CGN, ROM aka Murdoch- Murdoch is the top winning Barbet throughout Canada :).




 Reeds Fowling Alexia 
Hips 7/8
VWD Type 1 - clear
VWD type 2 - clear
Eye test clear August 2016
D Locus D/D
DNA profile

GrChX Flacon D’Paris of Neigenuveaux CGN
Hips- good
Elbows- no sign of elbow dysplasia
Thyroid -not affected
D locus D/D
DNA profile