Monday, 27 March 2017

Novaforesta Laurel Oak news

Novaforesta Laurel Oak aka Archie, a lovely boy from Reeds fowling Alexia (Martha) and Novaforesta Dudley (Ooli) has now passed all his health checks to be a Stud dog :)

Confirmed Exc in France
Hips 7/7
Elbows 0/0
VWD type 1 - clear
D-locus D/D
Eye test certificate March 2017
MYDOGDNA to follow
DNA profile (isag 2006).

Archie is a family dog who is available for stud for a short period of time before he is castrated.
The reasons for castration are that he is walked in a popular dog walking area and not all male dogs like the games that he plays, so with 2 others from the litter (Lady Fern and Lily of the valley) also having passed health tests for breeding it makes sense for him to sire just one litter and do his bit for the breed which I am sure he will enjoy.